Great news

No Gravatar just got a new server, do you like the new speed, I do, I would like to celebrated that with a repost of my very first post, Have a good day:

My beginning with RC Helicopters

It started at an RC show, it was a great show, and it was there where I really got the urge to start to fly. After some time and a daughter, I went to a club to hear some more about RC Helicopter. The advise where not too good, the basic proposal to me was that I should start with the fixed wing, and I did really want to start with fixed wing!

After a looong time, I decided that I would buy a simulator, I could then see for myself how difficult it was, I did buy Realflight G2 and started to fly with helicopter, it was difficult. But after a week of intense training I was able to hover, it was a beginning, I trained regularly and did better.

In the same period, I got a new baby son, and changed jobs where there happened to be a new colleague who flew with fixed wing. I got me a good RC talk with him, he bought himself a simulator, where after he concluded that it was reasonably close to fly with a real RC planes, it was a good confirmation that I was on the right path.

The family and I moved to a new city, me and my son when to walk with my son in the stroller, and to my astonishment, I fund a RC shop within walking distance of my new home, it was a cars only shop, but there was a helicopter on the floor with the transmitter and the whole thing, I had to hear more about.

After some days I finally came into the store and had a talk with the dealer, he told that it was used and that he had purchased it from a guy it was a Hawk 4 with FF9 transmitter, and some extra stuff. I bought it. This was back in 2004.

From there I was hooked and you know the rest

I changed the chick section smartphone optimized

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The next step for is definitely the a smartphone optimized site, and i give you what you demand. Tryout the new design for mobile devices, this way you can check the site at the flying field on your smartphone, i personally use my smartphone for a lot of surfing and i just wish that more sites would be optimized for a smart phone, it loads the site very fast, here are some screen shots preview:




Check it out from your phone: OR

Or try out the pilot locator on your phone:

Pilot locator on smartphone

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Just been up a little too late last night, working on a cool new thing for all us smartphone users in the RC hobby.

Pilot locator for a smartphone, you can find flying fields, RC buddies and Hobby shops from your smart device, and that is in the entire world, currently there is over 4000 registration on the pilot locator. This is the biggest collection of registered flying fields on one map in the world. (far as I know)

Back to the new feature, the only thing you have to do, is get your smart phone, start up Google maps application, hit search, write in the search field and you are ready to go, you can navigate to field, pilot and shop read details about them and you can write to pilot, fields and shop registrations on the map, there is a email function optimized for the smart phones too.

To register on the map, go to from your PC.

Check out the intro video below, very easy:

And some screenshots:
The first thing you have to do, search for push-pins like this.
How to search for pilot locator on the smartphone google maps applikation

A zoomed in over-view of the registrations on the map, in my area.
How to search for pilot locator on the smartphone google maps applikation

More information about the current registation
How to search for pilot locator on the smartphone google maps applikation

A detaild overview from one registation, get this by pushing one push-pin on the map
How to search for pilot locator on the smartphone google maps applikation

Directions to the local RC shop
How to search for pilot locator on the smartphone google maps applikation

And overview of the registions currently loaded on the map
How to search for pilot locator on the smartphone google maps applikation

The email form for one registation, this is where you write mails to other people on the map
How to search for pilot locator on the smartphone google maps applikation

You need Google maps installed on your device to get the pilot locator to work.
Testet on:

  • Android, HTC Desire(Rooted)
  • IPhone, see issue list for current issue on the Iphone.
  • Ipad
  • Nokia E71
  • Known issues:

  • Pushpin icons on Iphone is default Google maps icons, can’t see the difference from pilot, field and shop on Iphone.
  • “Share this place” function in Google maps not working with the locations from
  • Please post if you have tested this on another device and if it works or not. Thanks. Any input would be great.

    New German flying fields on

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    It is raining outside today, the last day of my vacation and boy would i have loved spending the day flying, but NO !

    But i never waist time, i have been adding 448 new flying fields in Germany, really great. We now have 3981 over all registrations the highs registrations world wide, and you can see the new fields in Germany here zoom in for more details.

    I am working on integrating the flying fields to a smartphone solution. Keep your eyes open.

    We are only missing 19 then we hit 4000 overall registions are you going to help me achieve that goal ?
    Show your support by registering on the map, it is easy: the biggest pilot and field locator in the world.

    Do you have a large amount of fields you would like to see on the pilot locator, please contact me (Tim P) and we can add them to the map.

    More informations about the pilot locator here

    Ready for 3D Masters 2010

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    I am ready for sure, i am going this year and i am sure it is going to be great, the only thing i will be missing is flying myself. But when i am going you are going to, i am going to keep you posted with updates all weekend and when i get home from my vacation i will upload some videos and pictures for you.

    The 3DMaster is at Jupiter Modelvliegclub in the Netherlands. It starts July 23.

    While you wait check out this funny video, Semi Great Moments In Parent To Child