Extremely low flight

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Okay this is just to low, this is a video from Tareq and no matter what, this guy take the helicopter to a lower level, in a good way. But i now why :) Tareq has a neck injury after a car crash years back, one of the consequences from this car crash is that Tareq cannot look up, he can only look about 3 meters up in the air, that is why he is forced to fly that low all the time :) Just kidding watch the video this is nice. I like the 0,5 meters high fence, it is interfering with the flight line :)

Morfar kicking, at the PB Smackdown

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Here is Jørn aka morfar(grandpa) I was talking with him minutes before this video was shot, and he was telling me that he was missing some real pitchbrother action and he should know, because he is a real pitchbrother, morfar decided to step-up and show some real PB action, but as you can see not all pitchbrother action will succeed.

Check the video

Before :




Curtis Youngblood going for Pitchbrothers

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What did I say, that maybe Curtis would get the Pitchbrother sticker, and look at this flight from Curtis, he is going very low, and I think you can hear my Pitchbrother screaming in the back “LOW LOW” that’s what you get from inviting the Pitchbrothers :)

You have to check out the show flight from Dominik Hägele, with a crash at the end, it was not the engine this time.

For a nice interview with Curtis Youngblood and all the flight from the first round, check the video here