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It is winter time and when it is winter i can find time to maintenance my equipment, and i have had guys asking when i was going to replace my bearings in my engine, and now it is time. Happy now. :)

Separating an engine is not something i do very often and i need some instruction just to be sure i don’t breaking anything, first i started looking for an instruction video, could not find it, maybe i should make one myself, but no i fund this useful site that is all you need to know to separate a model engine.

Next tip for you: any of you like Crème brûlée ? I got a Crème brûlée set as a Christmas present and you can use the burner to remove your main bearings from the engine, a tip from Tim P the cook :)

Crème brûlée

EDIT: i found the video
Remove the bearings

Replace the bearings

Have a nice day, we need to be more friendly with each other :)