The Crackilator

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Now this is news you will not forget, Infinivation are currently testing a new device called the Crackilator, it’s a device you plug in to the training plug on your transmitter and with a switch on you transmitter you can now do crack maneuvers without moving your stick. Yes that is right, it will do the crack movement for you :)

picture of the crackilator

I thinks this is a device for any pitchbrother!
Yelling “CRACK IT” is a waist of time these days! you just hit the switch

This is one of the test pilots Bobby Watts

I asked and this is no joke !

Edit post: a crack maneuver is starting 4 minutes in to this video

Half piros, my attempt

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Watched this video the other day, a guy showing how to do half piros, and I could not do a half piro before I saw this video, but now I am starting to get the hang of it. I like the video we need more of them: “Simple” maneuver one maneuver at the time. Then I can get the hang of it.

The video I watched:

And here is my attempt:

Video update

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Now I got the videos ready for you, it’s just two, there are more but i don’t realy feel like it will giv you any value to show you videos with normal flying :)

The first video you just have to see, it’s all pilot from the pitchbrother society, and there a more and more of them, it’s five pilot going for the grass cutter maneuver, what you have to do to be a real pitchbrother. Check it you.

I just got a new video editing program that I played a little too much around with.

The second is a better video clip, then from the last blog post I showed you, this one is with all the preparing for the three helicopter pilot doing the synchronized helicopter stunds.

The next thing for me, is that I am trying to attend the sports man class of a Danish competition, an I have had a short chat with some of the other pilots in that class, and we have agreed to fly the same maneuvers, here is the list of the maneuvers I have to practice the next month.

1. Hovering observation
2. Procedure swing
3. Torque turn
4. Loop
5. Immelmann
6. Roll
7. Push over
8. Split s

I hope I can make it in a month.