Poland on the pilot locator

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Now Poland really is represented on the pilot locator, and for that i have made a direct link for Poland, check it out http://map.rcheli.dk/?contry=pl, Maybe the next step is to replace the Russian flag, in the right menu, with the flag from Poland, because of the increasing registrations in Poland, thanks for the support, guys from Poland.

As i understand it from a Polish forum, the guys from Poland are trying to defeat us in Scandinavia with the amount of registrations, hey Poland you have about 200 registrations to go :) keep up the good work.

I am getting insane.

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I can’t get any fly time around here, this shitty weather I am NOT happy. Please please please can the weather just clear then I can fly tomorrow.

But time is not wasted around here, inspirited by another Danish map site I have developed a driving direction for all the clubs and shops on my map, hope you find it use full. http://wmap.rcheli.dk/?club=1

Here is how it works, on the pushpin hover text for clubs, you can see a textbox and a “Route” button. If you enter your pinid in the textbox and push “Route” button then you will get the driving directions from you to the club. Note if you have security set on your browser then you will be prompted for popup windows error, if you accept you get a turn by turn driving description in a new window.

Here is how the pushpin looks, try it out.

A screen shot of the club pushpin with the direction function