The making of RealFlight 6

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You have to see this video that shows the making of Great Planes® RealFlight® 6 R/C Flight Simulator, from the video i can see some of the big pilot has been helping in the creation, Tom-Erik, Matt Botos, Bobby Watts and Brian Bremer.

Apparently there is an updated transmitter with the smooth throttle stick and some other stuff, but don’t take my word for it, the video shows it all

Great video, Alpine Heli Smackdown

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I just found this great video from the Alpine Heli Smackdown event, it looks like a fun event i have to go one day, just check out the video, i really like the style in the video

3D Masters 2011 at Venlo

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3D masters just announced the entrance list for 3D Masters, this is the approved pilot for entering the competition.

Some of the interesting competitors in Experts class are the Danish competitors for my point of view. It is Klaus Jensen a 3D Masters veteran and then we have the new kid on the block Kenneth Krull, it is his first time but I am sure he can compete with all the good pilot, SMACK IT.

In the Masters class we see Tom-Erik Rolfson from Norway I personally have my hopes up for.

Then we have the joker, the surprise Curtis Youngblood !!! This guy was at the judges table last year, he is the father of 3D and he is one of the most experienced guys at the start line, but Curtis is also the one who crashed his helicopter at a demo last year, which is not going to win the judges this year

One is missing in my point of view Kim Jensen from Denmark, he is going to judge this year, if you can’t beat them join them :)

Good luck to all

See the complete list here

I would really like to go this year but I seems like it is not going to happen :( can I count on one of you guys to make a live report like I did last year ?

Check out the location for the 3D master competition.

Alan Szabo goes quadrocopter

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Smart phones can be used for alot of good thinks i know i used mine at 3D masters for updates my site from the flight line. But now Align(i thing) has found new ways of using the Iphone, controling a quadrocopter with an Iphone.

I am missing some 3D action with that quadrocopter

Crash in audience area, at 3D Masters 2010

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At 3D masters this year a crash happened that could have had huge consequences, one of the pilots broke the tail in flight, while flying inverted, the mistake he made was trying to save the helicopter, the helicopter started to fly over the audience area and the pilot finally killed the engine. This proves that even professionals can make mistakes.

Note to self: Kill engine immediately after something is broken in flight.

See the video of the crash here: