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Yes i know it is a bit late to show you new videos, but the facts are that i still have some uncut videos on the disk, for me to edit and you to see, and this is 3 of the videos.

First video is with Sebastian, he just got a sponsorship from Mikado and here he is testing his new Logo 600 in this video, he is working on some V-Bar setup too. But the test flight looks promising.

The next one is with Mark4D having some problems with his engine and later losing a screw in flight, next day he tried again and that went well, except at the end where he is doing a cool crash, check it out you will like it. This video is a great example of how it also is like to fly a remote control helicopter :)

Last video is Andreas(lærlingen) one of the founders of The Pitchbrothers, here he is after 4 days of heavy drinking, and this was his first and only flight at the Pitchbrother smackdown event, it seems like he was there because of the beer and not the flying !!! can’t fit it together. But look at this video he is doing a new maneuver, i think we can call it “hide and seek”. Check it out.

Edit : just fund this great picture :)

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