Inside a muffler

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Have you ever wondered how a muffler works, and how it looks inside?

Well I have, first I look on the internet to find some information on how it works, I found this useful information How a muffler works
. Then I thought! how about a muffler for my nitro engine how does that looked like inside. Luck has it that I had an old Funtech muffler that I did throw in the garbage can, and now I could find out how it looked inside.

Here is a RC Helicopter muffler cut right over. You can see how the air is traveling in the muffler.

Inside a muffler
Inside a muffler
Inside a muffler
Inside a muffler
Inside a muffler

That is how a muffler looks like inside.

I was out flying with my new Hatori muffler the other day. There is a better noise reduction compare to the Funtech muffler, The Hatori is a bit longer then Funtech.
The construction of the Hatori seem better, I did not even have to tighten the mount screws after my flights with a newly mounted Hatori muffler. That’s a first.

Then I removed some weights from my paddles, it is amazing how responsive a Freya 90 Evo can be. :)

Got me a Hatori muffler 938

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After long time of waiting I finally got around to buy a new muffler for my Freya 90, I have heard many good things about the Hatori, and that is what I will try out now. I just got the time to mount it and did not get around flying: I am waiting for better weather and better health, right now I am on medication.

However, the Hatori muffler is bigger compared to the Funtech I had on before. See picture

My new hatori muffler on my Freya 90

For the first time I ordered my RC Helicopter stuff from outside Denmark I only did that because the “local” hobby shop didn’t have the Hatori on stock and then I tried I am very happy with them good service and quick delivery, and a small chocolate. However, it wasn’t cheaper than my Danish shop sorry to say.

Here is a small warning I have bought some fuel shutoff clamp and they just do not work if you consider buying them DO NOT. The construction is too cheap and I would not consider using them on any helicopter. See picture. It was not a big investment but why sell/produce something that is just not working, or working badly any way.

A defect Fuel clamp from K&S

Any sponsors?

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I am going to be honest with you, it is not very fun to have a Funtech muffler at this moment.

I have been struggling a bit with my muffler for the last couple of weeks, after I set my Freya up to run 1980RPM on the head, my Funtech muffler start to unscrew itself, not where it normally loosens but on the mount where the pipe is mounted see picture.

The defect Funtech muffler

Naive as I am, I started to remount the pipe mount with some bigger screws 5mm, and that was no problem until I started to run the engine, after two thanks the mount was starting to loosen again. I cannot mount a 6mm screw and that would problem not help either. The washers in the muffler were not looking good either see picture.

Now this defect is after max 10 gallons of fuel, which is a pure design if you ask me!

Any sponsors with a new muffler for my OS 91SZ running 1980RPM on the head. I can add some advertisement on my site as payment? Contact me

One other think I noticed today was my tail blades are staring to make resonance sound, I was hovering inverted and with a 10 degree angle against the wind the tail blades was making a lot of noise. I have heard about this issue from a fellow pilot with standard Hirobo Freya tail blades. I guess this means that I need new tail blades to.

This is one of the frustrating times for a heli pilot when the hardware does not play along. I was flying really great today, practicing tic-toc and doing inverted hover in all directions. Now I am back to the bench fixing my helicopter and begging the wife for approval to by a new muffler. I must be great to be a sponsored pilot. :)