Nick Maxwell, smacking well indoor

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Hi guys I know I haven’t been posting that much lately, been busy.

Just found this video you have to see it, world champ Nick smacking a Protos 500 indoor, this guys has got skills.

Best victory flight 3DM 2010

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Here is an example of a victory flight from a pilot i think we can expect more from in the future, this is in my opinion the best victory flight at the 3D masters 2010, first Curtis Youngblood came out his helicopter died after a few minutes attempting to fly around a tree and Nick Smackwell last 30 sec. then he crashed.

But Gael Laminard winner of the expert class, his victory flight was cool he did all the right things without a crash. Check it out

I am working on my videos, but until then check out my photo from 3D masters 2010

Pre results masters class

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This is the 5 pilots in the finals, it isn’t the final results we still need the freestyle flight for the final position.

Kyle Dahl

Daniel Katzav

Nick Maxwell

Luigi Fungi

Dominik Haegele

Now we are waiting for the final flight