Saturday night flights, 3D Masters 2010

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Getting ready to go for the final flights at Sunday, but Saturday ended well, with a lot of night flyings, a part from the fact that we had to way over an hour to see any flight, the night flights has good, a big problem I know :).

Check out the first picture, one of the pilots was a night flight pilot with lights an all :) after that one heli exploded in air and felt to the ground and starting to go up in smoke with fireworks coming out of it, got the crowd going :)



Pitchbrother Smackdown video 2010, night flying

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Now the video is up, you really have to check this great night flying out, two guys making the crowed wild. They a banging there landing skids on the ground resulting in broking landing skids, how do you land a helicopter with no landing gear ? Watch the video, kids don’t try this a home they are highly professional rc helicopter pilots.

Tom-Erik beating night blades

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I have just seen a great night blades video by Tom-Erik the 3DMasters winner 2009 from Norway. It is his first night blades flight, and he is flying real nice, and ends with a autorotation, the first auto i have seen with night blades. Nice going, we are waiting for more videos Tom :)

First test flight with Raptor90SE night blades. from Tom-Erik Rolfson on Vimeo.

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Amazing night blades at MHM

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There is not a lot to report from Munich, not that many new videos yet, but you just have to see the video with the coolest night blades.

The pilot is Andreas Schmittel

I hope we can find a lot of new video from Munich Heli Masters tomorrow.

Extra update:
Just found a picture of the Pitchbrother on the official MHM blog, check it out, that it a cool jacket. Look here last picture

And the Danes did not get a medal, the results