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I just had a great heli weekend, I got two days of flying, and that’s not common for me, but it’s with great sorrow that I had to see the weekend fly away with fine tuning the engine.

I have never been very good at tuning my engine, and I know that. The first day I was flying I did know that some tuning had to be done, I change the fuel brand from HeliMix to Coolpower. With that change of fuel brand some engine tuning has to be expected. But I am very sorry to conclude that my engine was not running well at all with the HeliMix the engine was setup completely wrong, and I am the only one to blame. And it was first when I changed to CoolPower that I could feel and hear that the engine was not running correct at all. :(

First Gallon:
Well the first day went okay, I did try to tune the engine and at the end of the gallon it seemed like the engine was running okay, but I still had some issues when I gave it full throttle, it was running kind of nervous, but it was running better then when the day started.

Second Gallon:
Next day was very disappointing, first time I started the helicopter I could hear that the engine was not running the way it was suppose to, it really got me in the red zoon. But hey I was ad it again, trying to tune the engine, with no luck. But to my advantage a fellow pilot came by the field without he’s helicopters and he helped me out, then the engine started to run a lot better, very nice indeed.
But it was still running a bit nervous with full throttle.
The fellow pilot told me that he had the same issues with he’s OS 91 SZ until he mounted all the O-Rings in the engine, with all O-Ring’s at 0,5mm the engine should not run nervous with full throttle.
Well I mounted one more O-ring in the engine and now I have 0,4mm thick ring. And I can’t way to get to the field and try it out, I hope this works because if not, I am seriously considering to changing the whole think to an electric Helicopter. But I hope it works, because I am going to miss the smell of burned fuel.

Wish me luck.

And by the way, I was running HeliMix 15% nitro, and now I am running CoolPower 10% nitro, my local hobby store could not deliver HeliMix as fast as I was hoping and that’s why I changed fuel brands, I am not saying that HeliMix is a pure product, I am simply saying that I didn’t setup my engine correct with that fuel.