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Time to try something new, and with all the fuzz going around about drones and multi-copter, quadro copter, hexa copter and okto copter, i just had to see what all the fuzz was about, so i got a new toy a MikroKopter Hexa XL a 6 rotor helicopter, that is new but is it the next step ?

You can expect to hear more about the Hexa XL in the next couple of month, because this new MikroKopter Hexa XL is definetly a new toy, with lots of potential.

But for now, let me just info all the new guys, what NOT to do when you get a mulit-copter and whant to test it for the first time, i know from experience, don’t test your mulitcopter or helicopter with blades mounted that is a very bad idea, here is an instruction video on how you can test your Mikrokopter setup for the very first time.

Have a safe first flight