Final review of the Frenzy 90 TT

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Now i got the time and the flights to complete the review of the Frenzy 90 TT, the new and improved Frenzy.

To summarize the conclusion :
A good helicopter for the price, i don’t really understand the higher price on the TT version, but it is still a good priced model.

Yes that is it, it has some small issues, some of them you can fix with a hex and some you have to work a little harder to fix, but for the average pilot this helicopter is a great beginner and advanced helicopter. And please remember that you have to do small fixes with a high priced helicopter on the marked to.

But what i really like on the Frenzy is you can get easy access to the engine and clutch AND I LIKE THE PRICE.

This is a model most of you pilots would be very happy with, i am sure.

Just smack it around.

Read the rest of the review here

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Crashed my JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube

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And that is before a even got the review done man it is not really my year, i have had more accidence this year than i have had the last 3 years ! why oh why!

The reason why i crashed was the new servos, it is metal servos, note to self, lock-tit on metal ! one servo horn came off in flight.

I was a minor crash but it is still ground time for me :) the new engine OS 91HZ-R seems to have massive power and i am only in the burn in phase. can’t wait to get this heli ready for the summer, and i CAN’T wait for the summer!

The servos causing the crash

First Flight JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube

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I was finally at the field today, there was snow but I can handle that and I was cold, that I could not handle, I was only there for 45 min.

I was able to get my new engine OS 91HZ-R started and my JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube seems to be flying very well, I did do a short take off and there were no need for adjustment at all, very nice.

One of the reason why my stay only was 45 minutes. Was because my starter would not turn the engine! Yes my Dynatron starter had some problems starting the engine second time when I was cold, the Danish winter sucks. But there is a simple solution to that, run the starter on 24 volts, I just changed my setup and it works perfect, I am very happy with my Dynatron starter and the fact that it can run on 24 volts, a lot of power in that starter.

I will write a review when i have had some more flight time :)

Build JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube, day 3

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The heli is done, got the last ajustment done with the eletronics and it is now ready to fly. I had some problems fitting the govenor sensor and the caberator with the pump on the OS 91HZ-R engien, i move the sensor to the other site, i hope the muffler don’t get too hot and burn the wire.

Other the that i was a fairly easy assembly, 3 night is in my world fast :)

Now i am ready for the test fligt, it is starting to snow here :( keep a look out for a complete review on

Here are some of the last pictures, for all the pictures go here


And the final results

Inside a muffler

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Have you ever wondered how a muffler works, and how it looks inside?

Well I have, first I look on the internet to find some information on how it works, I found this useful information How a muffler works
. Then I thought! how about a muffler for my nitro engine how does that looked like inside. Luck has it that I had an old Funtech muffler that I did throw in the garbage can, and now I could find out how it looked inside.

Here is a RC Helicopter muffler cut right over. You can see how the air is traveling in the muffler.

Inside a muffler
Inside a muffler
Inside a muffler
Inside a muffler
Inside a muffler

That is how a muffler looks like inside.

I was out flying with my new Hatori muffler the other day. There is a better noise reduction compare to the Funtech muffler, The Hatori is a bit longer then Funtech.
The construction of the Hatori seem better, I did not even have to tighten the mount screws after my flights with a newly mounted Hatori muffler. That’s a first.

Then I removed some weights from my paddles, it is amazing how responsive a Freya 90 Evo can be. :)