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After a long time waiting for better weather conditions I was out flying today, but it was only one flight, it was all worth the drive and the setting up.

It was very windy today, and I really could feel the advantage of the governor, and here is one piece of advice that all newcomers can use.

If you are newbie and starts with a nitro helicopter, get a governor on the helicopter. I know some of the old guys at the field would properly say that you have to learn how to adjust the engine. And that’s right you have to learn how to tune your engine, and when you have learned that, start using the governor.

I can’t count how many times I have been trying to adjust the gas and the pitch curves to get the perfect flying helicopter doing rolls and loops, but forget about it.
I must admit I am not the best guy to adjust a engine but I have learned it over the years, but getting the perfect gas and pitch curves is almost impossible.

And the governor solves that problem instantly, the only think you have to do is find you helicopter’s RPM sweet spot and then you can fine-fine tune the engine for perfect performance. Believe me if you already have a okay tuned engine, it is very easy to hear how the engine is running and what directions to turn the mixing screws.

Get a governor it’s worth it.

And a cool video to prepare for the summer. can’t wait.