Phoenix RC 2 beta test

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I have just downloaded the new Phoenix version 2 beta, to see what the changes are, and as I can see it Phoenix have added many changes to the simulator.

When I tested the simulator I was using the beta A version, but Phoenix has already build a new version a Beta B with some error corrections, I didn’t find any error I the A version, but I guess Phoenix knows best.

The installation
It was really no problem. I am running Vista on a laptop from Dell, and after installation, there is a wizard to guide you thru the setup of you graphic and you transmitter. My graphic level it set to normal and it looks good and run smooth on my laptop D830.

When I first started Phoenix I was suppressed not to see any new models in the menus and no new fields, but then my PC got a internet connection and the Phoenix new feature, Online update kicked in, and it started to download all the new models and flying fields, a nice way to assure you are always updated.

Menus are a little better than before, it is easier and it looks better, you can have a look here.

The menu from Phoenix version 2 Beta AThe menu from Phoenix version 2 Beta AThe menu from Phoenix version 2 Beta AThe menu from Phoenix version 2 Beta AThe menu from Phoenix version 2 Beta AThe menu from Phoenix version 2 Beta AThe menu from Phoenix version 2 Beta AThe menu from Phoenix version 2 Beta AThe menu from Phoenix version 2 Beta A

There is no surprise here, it is the same.
NO wait it is better than before, if you can believe that. The smoke is a lot nice to look at, and you can choose where the pilot should stay. That is a need new feature. In addition, I can still run the simulator on my laptop, and that is a big value for me, but you can still set the graphics higher if you have a machine to run it on. Nevertheless, as you can see from the picture below it is not necessary.

The menu from Phoenix version 2 Beta A

I have been flying around in the simulator as I always do, and I didn’t recognized any updates on that front, except one, that made me very happy, when I land the model it is not difficult to land, it is realistic to land a helicopter now, and that made me very happy.

There are some new gadgets to add on the screen, as you can see from the screen shot above, but I do not use them, one think I noticed is that he transmitter gadget is responding quicker than the old one, that gives you a realistic input to how the stick is moving.

I did not try the multiplayer function, yet.

Check out the video of the new Phoenix RC Simulator version 2.0 Beta A

I have been a fan of Phoenix for a while now, I like it because it can run on small PCs and it still has good graphics, Phoenix still comply with good graphics.

With online update, multiplayer function, an even better simulation engine and the good graphics, I think it is safe to say that Phoenix is a superior RC Simulator on the market today. I like it and I think you will too.

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The big weekend

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Well the competition weekend is coming up this weekend, I have been practicing a bit but not as much as I would I liked, time and weather has been against me. However, I think I will mange, although the weather for the weekend is not looking good, it’s going to be about 7m/s wind, and that is not good.

One of the great thinks about this competition is that I do not have to panic, the most important think in the competition is that we have a fun time together and that we learn something for the next time, well that is the attitude I am going with any way :)

To show you the maneuvers that I have to fly, you can see the video I have recorded with my Phoenix RC simulator, you can read about the maneuver here, but I am not that happy with the result in the video, I do actually think that I fly better with a real helicopter. I just got the Phoenix RC simulator. and you can expect a review of the simulator in near feature on my main site.