Yes! finally

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I have finally got my Frenzy rebuild after last crash. As you can see it is a very long time ago the last crash, long story short i had to wait for parts and i did have some motivation issues, but now i am back in the game, just need to make some governor setup and some weather over -10 degrees.

The reason for the crash, i found the my old tail blades was at 8 grams and the tail blade holder was not made for 8 grams tail blades, apparently. Not the best design my Frenzy TT, but if you don’t use 8 grams tailblades you will be just fine.

And some nice new pictures


Getting ready, 3D Masters

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I am starting to get ready to go to 3D Masters, packing the car charging the batteries for the cameras. I really can’t wait I am sure it is going to be great, I am planning on make some statistics of the amount of nitro and electric helicopter this weekend, just for the fun of it.

And like I already have told you I am planning to keep you updated live from my phone, keep your eyes open for updates on

Her are some nitro pictures from the field, to keep you entertained :)




That is how a nitro helicopter looks after a day at the field.

Ready for 3D Masters 2010

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I am ready for sure, i am going this year and i am sure it is going to be great, the only thing i will be missing is flying myself. But when i am going you are going to, i am going to keep you posted with updates all weekend and when i get home from my vacation i will upload some videos and pictures for you.

The 3DMaster is at Jupiter Modelvliegclub in the Netherlands. It starts July 23.

While you wait check out this funny video, Semi Great Moments In Parent To Child

2 Helibatic 2010, Denmark

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Back from Helibatic and in front of a real computer, I have just uploaded a few pictures from Helibatic, just to get you in the mood. I am not competing at Helibatic this year, sorry to say the other guys seemed like they where having a good time like always. But no I didn’t get the change to practice for the competition this year. But I did get some flights in today and the frenzy was kicking.

Check out the pictures:


YES that is my new Dynatron starter, it is working great.

Check out the rest of the pictures here

I got the chance to say high to Benjamin today, I meet him for the first time at PB Smackdown, he has only been flying for about a year, but dame this guy is good. Check out his video I made at Pitchbrother Smackdown 2010, I little late I know.

The post from the phone today, was a test to see how well it was working, I am planning to update my site live from 3D masters this year, yes I am going lucky me :) keep you eyes open for live updates from 3Dmaster 2010.

Update Pitchbrother smackdown 2010

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I just tried uploading a video, but sorry to say that there was an error in the upload, but i can show you some pictures:


Check out a completly new designed heli, Danish design it’s called 50/50 with two 50 engiens on :)


You can see all the pictures here,0

And i am sure that you can find more information later this week on (Danish) or or

And keep your eyes open for a video update this week on