First flight with JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2

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I was at the field today and finally the flight went as planed, i had some engine tuning issues last time, but with a reset of the needles that problem was slowed, i set the needles at 2 turns out, both needles.

And the the flight was on, my Idl 1 is set to 1550 Rpm and my Idl 2 i set to 1750 Rpm, i was manly flying in Idl 1 today, it is amazing what stuns you can pull with 1550 Rpm’s on the head, tic-toc i no problem. The model was flying perfect, i still need to fine tune my gyro, i have slow tail wage when i do fast pitch input, the Spartan Gyro is working great and i esspecialy like the fact that the piro-rate is constant and the tail is rock-solid.

This is a mix of two small videos i have made, with the camera laying on a table, there was no others then me at the field today :( sorry.

Scroll down to see some more pictures of the new canopy, the colors are great i can easily see the model in the air.


The rest of the JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2 pictures are here

JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2, day 2

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Still building, didn’t get allot don today, mainly because i was beat and i made allot of mistakes resulting in assembly – disassembly – assembly – disassembly well you get the picture, i decided to start mounting the tail, the instruction manual instructed med to start with the main mast, but to mount the tail drive you have to remove the main mast therefor the tail was first.

Then i got to the head and found that my main shaft lock ring was missing from the box, bummer, and no change in hell i can get that before the vacations begins :(

Here are some pictures and comment from today, more pictures here:

I just turned the nut, it is very close to the bearing and one of the sites on the nut has the be parallel with the bearing.

Drilled out the tail rod guide, there is a big hole for the tail rod, but i used a different hold to have a better guide.


I don’t hope my Frenzy ends like this and then again i don’t have a Lipo on-board.

JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2, day 1

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Just got me a new helicopter, i sold the Hirobo Freya 90 to get a new and more 3D capable helicopter and from what i read the Frenzy is it. It is also a very cheap helicopter but it still seem like it is okay in quality. This is not the complete build thread, i have just started to build it, and i am a slow builder. Get back tomorrow the for some more build tips.

This i Day 1.
As you can see the box is boring no fancy cover, but i don’t care, as we say about the girls, it is what’s inside that counts :)

I got some advice to change the clutch linen, because the original is some sort of rubber, and i did that with a Raptor linen, check out the pictures. I headed the bell to get the old linen out. That is a good tip.

Check the rest of the pictures from today

Not about RC

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And then again a little RC relevant. Just found this great site from a ball bearings company.

How can you sell a ball bearing it is kind of a boring product, but Acer Racing should get a 10 for trying, this is a great attempt of making the ball bearings a sexy product. :)

A nice attempt of selling a ball bearing.

Check out the rest of the chicks at i think they are selling ball bearings too :)

Nice bearing :)

New image gallery

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I have just been working on a new picture galley for, this is a huge improvement compared to the old image gallery, i have embedded the images in the page, to make it look nice, really hope you like it feel free to leave a comment if you do. The complete gallery you can find here

A little taste