Psychological issues

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I have been flying a bit since last time, but man it has been a little depressing.

You all remember my crash last year and last year I didn’t really fly that many times, the helicopter was grounded most of last year because of the damage repair budget, was not covering the crash expenses.

But this year has started good, I have been flying a lot (3 gallons) but I have a psychological issue with inverted flight, my crash last year was flying inverted, and now I can’t do loops or rolls in real life, I can do it on the simulator with no problem, but when I am on the flying field I can’t do S***.

My approach to this problem is to fly all the time, I just have to get some real life flight time in the sticks, that’s the only solution, and it’s slowly going better, but not as fast as I would wish.
BUT hay if I don’t have fun with flying, it’s not worth the nitro. Nitro = fun (Don’t drink it.)

But there is one upside to this story I am starting to fly a little backwards, I can’t fly backwards on the simulator, but because of my inverted limitations I have done a little backward flying in real life, that’s a good improvement.

[Site Note]
I have been working A LOT on the map site the last weeks, a guy from US help me out a lot with the user interface on the map site. He is the main reason why I have added the search function at the top of the site, and some other very cool easy to use improvements to the site. Thanks merlin703.

“Baby, I am at the field, flying, ALL DAY”

National radio

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I was on national radio the other day, it was a program about cooking. But one of the chef’s on the program was just starting to get a helicopter addiction, and that’s why they asked people to send in pictures of their helicopter big or small.

It was a phone interview and they asked about how I got started in the hobby, and what my wife was thinking about the hobby. I have been trying to find an archived recording from the radio station, of the interview but I don’t think they have one, sorry.

There was a vote on what helicopter was the coolest and my heli was in the vote, but the result was not that good, check it out , it was not a fair match.

[Site Note]
I have just redesigned the pilot locator page and I think it is very nice now, now I can truly handle unlimited pushpins on the map, I have change the design to use AJAX/PHP. And I have made a simple clustering technique to be able to show a lot of pins on the map. Without the map being slow and heavy to maneuver.

Furthermore I have added about 2000 flying fields in the US only, this is really great and if you see a missing fields please don’t hesitate to register the flying field on the map. Check out the new fields here

On the new design you just have to be aware of one think, if you see this image :
not viewing all pins
The image indicates: at your current view you don’t see all pushpins registered. The maximum pushpins you can view are 300. If you would like to see all pushpins you have to zoom in at a specific area, until you see this image :
viewing all pins on the map
Then you see all pins in that area. That’s what’s called clustering.

And you can still do all the old thinks like: get a driving direction for the flying fields, a direct link to one pin, a link to show only clubs or shops, and I have improved the mailing service, now the mails you can send to you fellow pilots have a nicer design. And the pushpins load dynamically when you navigate the map, that way you can see pins all over the world on the same map without post back.

Check it out

I am getting insane.

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I can’t get any fly time around here, this shitty weather I am NOT happy. Please please please can the weather just clear then I can fly tomorrow.

But time is not wasted around here, inspirited by another Danish map site I have developed a driving direction for all the clubs and shops on my map, hope you find it use full.

Here is how it works, on the pushpin hover text for clubs, you can see a textbox and a “Route” button. If you enter your pinid in the textbox and push “Route” button then you will get the driving directions from you to the club. Note if you have security set on your browser then you will be prompted for popup windows error, if you accept you get a turn by turn driving description in a new window.

Here is how the pushpin looks, try it out.

A screen shot of the club pushpin with the direction function

Lucky 500 on the pilot locator

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Now we just hit registration count 500 on RC Earth pilot locator, I am very happy with the support of the site, and I can conclude that the user like the user interface. You can check the statistic here

Now that I have your attention about the map site. I will just use the post to inform you that I have created yet another feature for you to integrate the map site in your own site if you like. It is easy and you can do it with only one line of HTML code.

If you like to get your own site and you like to get a RC Pilot locator map site on your site, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can see a solution here “The embedded site has been removed, but the solution is stille possibol” you can change everything other then the map content itself and the textboxes. But we can customize the site with colors fitting to your page.

Well check it out. You can register and be a part of the next gold 1000 registration.

Check it out


Final version of RC Earth

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Now I have finally invested time in improving the software design and upgraded to version 5 of Microsoft Virtual Earth, hop you can feel the load time improvement.

One of the changes that you maybe will discoverer is that the national site only loads the pins in the view of the map. This means that if you have a pushpin located outside of you country map you can’t see you pushpin on your national site. What you have to do is go to the world map, and then you can see all the pins in the world, unfortunately with a bit slower load time, but I think you will survive :)

On the RC front I have now ordered the Freya spare parts, and I am currently waiting for the delivery, and I would like to thank AdSence and YOU. For sponsoring some of the spare parts.

And look for the rebuild post of the Freya her, maybe you will find information you can use.

Thanks for supporting