Pitchbrother Smackdown 2010 video collection

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Okay now all the videos are starting to show, and some great video you have to see. And i can inform you that there will be a Pitchbrother smackdown again next year 2011, can’t wait for that to happen.

The first video is a trailer video from RCHeliResource.com great video watch it, PB Smack must be the only RC helicopter event in the world with a stripper :) watch the video.

Next one is with Tom-Erik you now the guy from Norway, and ones again he as got a great trick on his Helicopter, night flair on a heli no way, yes way.

And the rest is just a the best of the video online at the moment check out the video of Sebastian with a stick cam and a great crash at the end. From 3dheli.dk

Jason Bell at the PitchBrother Smackdown 2010 from allmyrc.com

And Lukas Riva at the Pitchbrother Smackdown 2010 from allmyrc.com

Check out the great picture with a windmill in the back :) that is Denmark

Great picture from rcheliresources

Hope to see you next year.

Ready for The Pitchbrothers Smackdown 2010

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Now you can sign-up for the Pitchbrothers Smackdown 2010, a cool event that was a huge success last year and it seems that even more top pilots are attending this year, they don’t dare to stay away.

Go to http://thepitchbrothers.com/ to sign up

This year like last year you can get a cool t-shirt
The Pitchbrothers smackdown 2010 t-shirt

Emil at the Smackdown

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Emil aka “Fire starter” was at the Pitchbrother smackdown, he was doing some very cool flying like he did at the Helibatic competition, i think we can expect alot from Emil this year.

Emil did have some problems this weekend at the Smackdown, at one of his flights where he crashed his helicopter. When the helicopter was lying on the ground smoke started to come from it, and the regulator started to burn, hence the name Fire starter :)

Emil as the fire starter
Emil as the fire starter

On top of this Emil has just received a sponsorship from Hyperion

And here you can see some of the cool flying from Emil, by the way the engine is not running lean, it is electric :)

This is Emil theme song, Firestarter by Prodigy

Norway at the SmackDown

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I am starting to go thru all the video I have from the great event, but I just had to find the great video with the Norwegian guy flying his Raptor 90 from a hangar ship, the reason is that the guy Tom Erik Rolfson was at the SmackDown and he was doing some amazing flying, along with his fellow pilot from Norway.

Here is his video from the hangar ship.

And this is what he also can do, at the SmackDown this weekend.

Here is some of the amazing flying from Tom at the SmackDown

Check out there club site with more pictures from the SmackDown

Pitchbrother Smackdown

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Now Denmark really rocks the international RC Helicopter scene. The founders of The Pitchbrothers society have established a Smackdown event I Denmark. This is really a event you and I don’t want to miss, if you live near Denmark or you just like RC Heli’s I am sure this event is worth awhile, there are international pilots at this event too.

“Petr Novotny” and “David Nolan + Engelsk MA-Team” just to name some of the pilots at this event and I think we can expect more top pilots, and of cures all the Danish fellows will come. No doubt that the event will be fun.

Please check out the Picthbrother site for more info, you can find a forum there too.

The field where the event will take place is in “Sønderborg ” click here to see the location.

I have just added a new feature to the map, now you can get driving directions to the locations on the map, as you can see here:

Get driving directions on the map

In the top textbox write your “Street, zip city, country” and hit Enter or Get directions, and the driving directions will show.

Check it out on the map http://usmap.rcheli.dk show you support by registering, thanks.

And I will see you at Sønderborg the 8-10 of May. I will add this to my calender in 2009