Midair crash

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A midair crash is always amazing stuff, most of all because it is very rare, changes that a heli and a plain smashes into eat other is very little but it happens, and boy do I love to see the video and JetJockJoe45 from YouTube provided this video. Observer the silences after the crash :(

New pilot locator feature

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Now you can embed the pilot locator on your site, here are the 4 easy steps.

1. Register your club/flying field or yourself on the map, if you’re not already on http://map.rcheli.dk

2. Find you personal PinId, you can find it on the last tab, the service tab when you click on your registration on the map, it is the number at the bottom of the service tab.

3. Correct the MyPinId=??? Number in code below, to your personal PinID.

4. And past the code into you site or your RC club site , where every you want.

Then you have a nice embedded pilot locator like the one on this nice site http://3dheli.dk/hoffmann/Hjem-1307.asp

The xsize and the ysize parameter in the link is for setting the size of the map on your site, in pixels.
The width: 500px; height: 300px; are the size of the iframe, the map is inside an Iframe.

If you have any questions please ask http://map.rcheli.dk/?mypinid=35 :)

To prove how simple it is, here is an example on how I can look.

Hope you like it. Show your support by becoming a fan on Facebook

Please have a look at some additional information about the pilot locator:

Site update, pilot locator

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To night i am in developer mode, this is where i get some new ideas for the site and i hope you all like them.

First off i have added a extra feature for the blog site, now you can subscribe by email if you leave a comment on one of the posts, look for this:
A new notify function on the blog

And then i have made a change to the pilot locator, it is not a big change for you, but a big change for me and lots easier for my to maintenance the pilot locator map.

The only difference for you is if you normally use http://map.rcheli.dk to get the Danish centered map, you have to use http://dkmap.rcheli.dk to get the Danish map, or click the Danish flag in the side menu on the pilot locator.

But for the rest of us, now we only have to remember one pilot locator, and that is http://map.rcheli.dk you can still use all the old urls like http://usmap.rcheli.dk you will just get redirected to the http://map.rcheli.dk with the correct map in center.

It is way easier for me and from now on you only have to remember 3 site:

That is easy, ohh and i have added a little extra url http://pilotlocator.rcheli.dk easy to remember :)

If your in a country that is not on the map (with a flag and url), write a comment about what country you would like to get on the map, then i will fix it.

It is free to register on the pilot locator http://map.rcheli.dk please take your time to do so.

2.4 Ghz fallout

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This is just great, when i was starting to think about going for 2.4 Ghz, then this video shows up.

I think Spectrum will have a look at this.

Using your GPS to find flying fields

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I have made a small but very valuable new function on the pilot locator. You properly all know about the driving directions function on the map, where you can enter your address or PinID to get a driving direction to a specific pushpin on the map. That is a very useful function.

But now I got a GPS and I found that the map is missing something very useful, the ability to transfer the position from the map to a GPS device. There is a million ways to do this, but one way I found could be used on all GPS device is to enter the position manually, and now you can with the pilot locator.

From my personal experience from driving to competitions at different flying field around Denmark, I have learned that it can be okay to have the address of the flying field, the address can get you in the area of the flying field but not all the way, because the field is often placed on some grass field with no address. But if you enter the exact location of the field, you can see on the GPS where the field is located and that way get to the flying field in one go.

Here is what you have to do:
1. Find the flying field on the map you would like to travel to.

2. Click on the icon on the map and go to the last tab “Service” (See picture below)

3. Enter the GPS values from the “Service” tab in to you GPS device, (It is properly the “position” menu on you GPS device)

4. Give the POI a name on the GPS, and now you can see the location on your GPS and drive to the flying field.

The GPS cordinats on the pilot locator.

Please let me know if you like the feature and if you can use it on your GPS device, leave a comment.

Read additional information here

Find the country map in the right menu called Pilot locator->

Please take your time to register, it is FREE