Fun with the snowman

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Here is a nice video from Colin, with some good winter flying and a very nice snowman. Flying with a Raptor 90

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Winter RC Helicopter flying

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Winter flying?, yes you can, if you are in doubt? here you get the definitive evidence, one video with Klaus from Denmark flying the TZ V2 90 aka JS 3D Frenzy 90, in -5C.

Next video is Tom-Erik from Norway flying the Raptor 90 SE at -19,5C a night flight and it is a short flight maybe because his fingers are freezing :)

Klaus from Denmark flying the new Frenzy at -5C, me like the Frenzy :) i want one.

Tom-Erik from Norway flying his Raptor 90 SE at extreme conditions.

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Norway at the SmackDown

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I am starting to go thru all the video I have from the great event, but I just had to find the great video with the Norwegian guy flying his Raptor 90 from a hangar ship, the reason is that the guy Tom Erik Rolfson was at the SmackDown and he was doing some amazing flying, along with his fellow pilot from Norway.

Here is his video from the hangar ship.

And this is what he also can do, at the SmackDown this weekend.

Here is some of the amazing flying from Tom at the SmackDown

Check out there club site with more pictures from the SmackDown

Wild West Smackdown

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Check out this great video from the Wild West Smackdown Denmark 2008.

The Pitchbrother Society hosted; what seems to be a great weekend. I am sure that they were having there fun, I have seen some pictures that I can’t show on my blog do to parental adversary.

I hope I can get to this event next year.