Using your GPS to find flying fields

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I have made a small but very valuable new function on the pilot locator. You properly all know about the driving directions function on the map, where you can enter your address or PinID to get a driving direction to a specific pushpin on the map. That is a very useful function.

But now I got a GPS and I found that the map is missing something very useful, the ability to transfer the position from the map to a GPS device. There is a million ways to do this, but one way I found could be used on all GPS device is to enter the position manually, and now you can with the pilot locator.

From my personal experience from driving to competitions at different flying field around Denmark, I have learned that it can be okay to have the address of the flying field, the address can get you in the area of the flying field but not all the way, because the field is often placed on some grass field with no address. But if you enter the exact location of the field, you can see on the GPS where the field is located and that way get to the flying field in one go.

Here is what you have to do:
1. Find the flying field on the map you would like to travel to.

2. Click on the icon on the map and go to the last tab “Service” (See picture below)

3. Enter the GPS values from the “Service” tab in to you GPS device, (It is properly the “position” menu on you GPS device)

4. Give the POI a name on the GPS, and now you can see the location on your GPS and drive to the flying field.

The GPS cordinats on the pilot locator.

Please let me know if you like the feature and if you can use it on your GPS device, leave a comment.

Read additional information here

Find the country map in the right menu called Pilot locator->

Please take your time to register, it is FREE

Happy holidays

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A little late, I know. But hey I am a busy man these days, I started on a new job the first of December. Like all new jobs you need to show you can work. At least in the beginning :)

Didn’t get any helicopter stuff from Santa, but I got a cool wallet if you are a fan of Pulp fiction.

If you don’t know what to do with you time off from work, and you can’t fly like me because of the weather, then have a look at this. A petty cool Action Man and Barbi story about assembling a helicopter, and other important stuff :)

Action man and barbi helicopter adventure

Click the picture to get the complete story.

What’s up for new years? ……………. comming up soon :)

Update of sites with new logo and Google maps

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Now I finally got time to update my pilot locator with the new Google map, and all the site are updated with a new logo, I just got made.

Update on the pilot locator

The locator is change to use the Google map instead of Microsoft, based on the vote from some time back Google VS Microsoft.

Some of the changes is the search and you just have to try this out, it is the best search you have ever seen, you can check a instruction video here (right click and save as), or look for controls like this on the pilot locator and try them out:

Try out the new search function on the  pilot locator

And you can still do all the old thinks on the map, like making a direct link to a push-pin, and sending email to a contact on the map. If you would like to know how you could read it here. The mail function is improved in the new version, you can click the email tab on a push-pin, and then send a mail direct from the hover text of the push-pin, without reloading the site.

Do not forget to try the new and improved driving directions, to find the directions to a new flying field, very cool check out the screen shoot:
find your way easy.

The pilot locator is improved in load speed too. It cannot get any better than this, you just go register then it will be perfect. Click the links under pilot locator

If you still like the Microsoft map in the pilot locator then you can find the old version here

New Logo
Finaly I got a new logo, and that is what I have been implementet on all my site, the blog, as you can see at the top, and the main site and the pilot locator sites, you can click you county in the menu at the right, under pilot locator.

You can expect to see the new logo everywhere from now on.

The new logo for hope you like it

Thanks for supporting, and show it with your registration on the pilot locator.

Microsoft map vs. Google map

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I was wondering if my users/YOU like the Google map or the Microsoft map? That is why I have been working on a Google implementation, of the Pilot locator. It looks like the Microsoft map you already know, but the new testsite uses the Google map.

Please look at the Google pilot locator map and the Microsoft pilot locator map, and VOTE for your favorite implementation. To help me create the best pilot locator you know.

Your vote is based on how you feel the load time, navigation and graphical details are.

Vote here and have a look at the two sites before your vote.

EDIT: sorry the vote plug-in was lost, but it was Google maps that won.

Please note that if you register on one of the maps your registration will show on both maps. Please register to show your support if you are an RC Pilot of any kind.

I have not implemented driving directions on the Google map. In addition, I have not tested the print function on the Google map.
If you choose the Google map, I will work on more functional and nicer looking pushpin text. In the future.

Please post a comment, if you have any about the two map implementations.

Psychological issues

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I have been flying a bit since last time, but man it has been a little depressing.

You all remember my crash last year and last year I didn’t really fly that many times, the helicopter was grounded most of last year because of the damage repair budget, was not covering the crash expenses.

But this year has started good, I have been flying a lot (3 gallons) but I have a psychological issue with inverted flight, my crash last year was flying inverted, and now I can’t do loops or rolls in real life, I can do it on the simulator with no problem, but when I am on the flying field I can’t do S***.

My approach to this problem is to fly all the time, I just have to get some real life flight time in the sticks, that’s the only solution, and it’s slowly going better, but not as fast as I would wish.
BUT hay if I don’t have fun with flying, it’s not worth the nitro. Nitro = fun (Don’t drink it.)

But there is one upside to this story I am starting to fly a little backwards, I can’t fly backwards on the simulator, but because of my inverted limitations I have done a little backward flying in real life, that’s a good improvement.

[Site Note]
I have been working A LOT on the map site the last weeks, a guy from US help me out a lot with the user interface on the map site. He is the main reason why I have added the search function at the top of the site, and some other very cool easy to use improvements to the site. Thanks merlin703.

“Baby, I am at the field, flying, ALL DAY”