Great video, Alpine Heli Smackdown

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I just found this great video from the Alpine Heli Smackdown event, it looks like a fun event i have to go one day, just check out the video, i really like the style in the video

999 reasons to visit

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Well i am without a working helicopter at the moment, what to do, what to do, update the gallery :) here you go:

RC Chicks

Beautiful ladies with RC equipment, car, plane and helicopter the pictures says it all.

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user4093pic102151288061.jpg 4470_1098697426065_1185528272_30334888_7018201_n.jpg Model-MD500.jpg Optimized-DSC01017.JPG Model-550E 800x600.jpg 28337_10150355535360001_501285000_12463864_421938_n.jpg Garduno7.jpg helibutt.jpg OTS.jpg ept_sports_oly_experts-315678947-1265745725.jpg DSCF3092.jpg Nelly_Furtado_E_Say_It_Right_02_orig.jpg IMG_0003.jpg 2eplg0k.jpg Model-Tandem.jpg Raptor-30-Model.jpg DSC_1003_700.jpg DSC_0980_700.jpg DSC_0240_700.JPG DSC_0968-2_700.jpg DSC_0963-2_700.jpg DSC_0962_700.jpg DSC_0940_700.jpg DSC_0914_700.jpg DSC_0910_700.jpg DSC_0898_700.jpg DSC_0888_700.jpg DSC_0848_700.jpg D10_4107_700.jpg D10_4099_700.jpg
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Waste of time i know :)

Get on the pilot locator register here

Nokia 6700/6300 RC Helicopter theme

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Just got the new Nokia 6700/6300 classic. When I get a new phone I like to give it a personal touch.
For some time I have working on an idea. The idea was to make a RC Helicopter theme for my phone, most of all because I haven’t been able to find any RC Helicopter related phone theme anywhere, I am guessing that I am not the only one interested in a RC Helicopter theme for the Nokia 6700/6300 Series.

I have tested the theme on my Nokia 6700/6300, but I think you can use it on other Nokia series too, check it out yourself, and post a comment if it is working on another Nokia series.

Here are some shoots of the background:

Here is a teaser the SMS message sound HERE

I have already had a funny episode with the new ringtone, I was cycling with my kids in our residential area, and I was thinking who the hell is flying an RC heli here, insane!. When I realized it was my phone ringing!!! The new theme is working great.

You can download the theme here: Nokia 6700 Classic RC Helicopter theme

Just created this theme for the Nokia 6300 series, you can get it here: Nokia 6300 RC Helicopter theme

You need the Nokia PC Suite to install it on your phone

RC Helicopter game on the IPhone

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Now i really need an IPhone, for all my long traveling to and from work, i need the IPhone because i can fly with and RC Helicopter on the IPhone now, this is a new game for the IPhone, very cool, i tried the RC helicopter game the other day on the IPhone, and that worked great, good graphics, nice controlling and as i understand it, it was cheap to, just what i like.

Just check out the great demos here:

And this is a demo from the developers site

This is a cool demo that shows you have the controls work, very nice.

Pitchbrother Smackdown

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Now Denmark really rocks the international RC Helicopter scene. The founders of The Pitchbrothers society have established a Smackdown event I Denmark. This is really a event you and I don’t want to miss, if you live near Denmark or you just like RC Heli’s I am sure this event is worth awhile, there are international pilots at this event too.

“Petr Novotny” and “David Nolan + Engelsk MA-Team” just to name some of the pilots at this event and I think we can expect more top pilots, and of cures all the Danish fellows will come. No doubt that the event will be fun.

Please check out the Picthbrother site for more info, you can find a forum there too.

The field where the event will take place is in “Sønderborg ” click here to see the location.

I have just added a new feature to the map, now you can get driving directions to the locations on the map, as you can see here:

Get driving directions on the map

In the top textbox write your “Street, zip city, country” and hit Enter or Get directions, and the driving directions will show.

Check it out on the map show you support by registering, thanks.

And I will see you at Sønderborg the 8-10 of May. I will add this to my calender in 2009