Crashed my JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube

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And that is before a even got the review done man it is not really my year, i have had more accidence this year than i have had the last 3 years ! why oh why!

The reason why i crashed was the new servos, it is metal servos, note to self, lock-tit on metal ! one servo horn came off in flight.

I was a minor crash but it is still ground time for me :) the new engine OS 91HZ-R seems to have massive power and i am only in the burn in phase. can’t wait to get this heli ready for the summer, and i CAN’T wait for the summer!

The servos causing the crash

Servo comparison Futaba VS TeamOrion

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I am ready to go test flight my new JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube, but it will not stop snowing, what to do when you can’t get out and fligh, test your gear.

I have some new servos, i have no idear about the new servos Team Orion VDS 1007, but they seem like they can handle some presure.

The specs for the Team Orion VDS 1007


  • Transit Time: 0.07sec
  • Torque: 10Kg (138.9oz/in)
  • Weight: 52.4g
  • Current Draw: 0.15A idle 2.6A under load
  • Dimensions: 40.3mm x 20mm x 37mm
  • Metal gear
  • Comparaison of Futaba S9252 vs Team Orion VDS 1007, check the video, they seem like they are fast. The test flight will show.

    Inside a Team Orion VDS 1007 servo.

    Team Orion VDS 1007
    Team Orion VDS 1007

    JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2, day 3

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    The build is going well, i just got the servos, receiver and the governor installed, just started up seeing every thing moving. Then i started to setup up on the transmitter i got 5 minutes and the batters need recharging that a sign that i need to go to bed. Tomorrow final setup and servo horn mount and then i am ready to go.

    Pictures from today, for all the build pictures go here


    Crash conclusion and damage report.

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    The damage was pretty big, let me just say it like this, the only thing that did not take any damage, was the tail and the main rotor(-swash plate). And that’s bad. :(

    But what was the reason for my crash, well it was the tail servo, and that’s the only reason, the Futaba 9254 died on me, and the reason, well that’s because it was over 4,8 volt, and I don’t mean at 6 volt, no just the normal 5,4 or something like that, when your 4 cells are completely charged.
    How did I test it, just sit with the tail servo and the gyro in your hand for about 10 minutes, and then the tail servo will get very hot, it still looks like it will work, but if you try to hold the servo horn you will see that the servo can’t hold any thing, and that was what happen to me when the helicopter was inverted in air.

    My personal opinnion is that the 9254 has a design error, if it can’t handle current over 4,8 volt at all, then you have a problem because a normal 4 cell battery pack, will get over that level, and that’s a major concern that the servo dies when you exceed the 4,8 volt level, bad design, bad design. If you ask some of the old timers, they all say: yes I have had that servo die one my!!!

    Conclusion on the tail servo is that I am going to try the HITEC HS-6965HB its fast, its zero slop, and it can handle 6 volt. That’s a spec. I like.

    The damage report THAT’S BAD, I have created a list with all the damages, and the prices is in Danish kroner, the price to get the Freya bag in air is 4248,66DKr my wife will kill me, no question about that. (Kids you have to run bare feed this summer, no summer shoes for you) :)

    Here is the complete list in PDF.

    Now it happened !!!

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    My big bird crashed on my, ”oh my heli”.

    The annoying thing about this is that it was not my fault, or in a way it was, I was doing a inverted hover about 20 meter off the ground, and then the tail died, it just started spinning like hell I tried to auto it down but with no luck, so you see it was my fault, because I can’t do a inverted piro autorotation, STUPID ME. :(

    I have been reading a bit on and it seem like the 9254 servo has some issues, I haven’t got time to check the servo yet, but if I find that the servo is the reason, FUTABA IS OUT.

    And way is futaba out, well one think is a crash, and another i
    s a crash because of mechanical failure, but even another thinks is a crash because of a mechanical failure right beside a lake in some mood. There is mood all over my bird, it is going to take a lot of time cleaning and assembling the heli again and that’s the worst par, yes it is going to cost some money too, but compared to the time I have to spend cleaning that heli it nothing, BAD futaba.
    Check out the pictures, it’s a sad story.

    Sorry I can’t show you the pictures from the crash site, my phone just lost them.
    And here is a link to the thread about the bad futaba servos.
    I will be back about the servo error !!
    More pic

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