Helibatic 1 2009

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Well I didn’t really get time to write live over the weekend as my initial thoughts was, but here is an update about what happened over the weekend. Friday night was really a buzz killer for me, my sleeping bag was way too cold and I did have difficult catching heat all night in my tent. But some of the fellow pilot invited me to stay at their house for the next night, and there I seeped like a baby.

Flying was really nice, everybody was talking about they didn’t had had any opportunity to practice and that they where feeling inexperienced and unready, but despite that the flying was awesome and most of the news pilot was flying great.
There was 28 pilots attending in all classes, and that is very good compared to the size of the country. I end last in 3D sports class what a bummer, I was not good I had problems with my flying and problems with my helicopter and some very bad weeks up to the competition with no preparation didn’t help me do the flying any better, but there is one good thing about it, it can only get better for me in 2009.

Here are some pictures, which are the only pictures my, camera ran out of power(back to preparation). But I will post some videos later or some of the coming days, subscribe to my feed to keep you self updated. There is some nice flying videos on my camera coming soon.

Local TV station stopped by http://www.tv2nord.dk/default.asp?PageID=4&ProgrammeDate=19-04-2009&ProgrammeID=2&ProgrammePartID=171036

helibatic 1 2009 pictures
helibatic 1 2009 pictures
helibatic 1 2009 pictures
helibatic 1 2009 pictures
helibatic 1 2009 pictures
helibatic 1 2009 pictures

My maneuvers for helibatic 2009

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First I would like to make a short introduction to how we have created the Danish competition classes. Last year a guy here in DK(not me) got a great idea, how about making a sport class in the competition classes, and the Helibatic Sport class was born, or F3C Sport for the international readers.
The sport classes have evolved, now we have a F3DK Sport class to.

The possible classes you can compete in this year:
Helibatic Sport: A class for new heli pilots, if you do not have any experience and would like to try the competition flying out. In this class you have to fly 8 maneuvers with low skill level, to make it possible for many to enter this competition class.

Helbatic/F3C: This is the international class FAI competition class, for the expert pilots, 8 – 10 maneuvers with high skill level is what you have to fly here.

F3DK Sport: This is the new class this year, here you have to fly 8 maneuvers in two rounds and one freestyle round 2-3 minutes. This class is for the wanabe 3D pilots. It is a good change to try your 3D skills out. With limited skill level on the maneuvers.

F3DK Expert: This is the hardcore 3D international pilots.

There are 3 Helibatic events a year.

What are the sport classes all about, to get people in to competition nothing else. And it works very well, last year there was a lot of new pilot in the Helibatic sport class, and we really got a great introduction to what a competition flying is. And combined with a bunch of great people and a basic interest in helping each other getting better, this is really a very excellent way to get new pilot in to competition flying.

Back to me :) I am in the F3DK Sport class this year, and here is what I am going to fly in the first event this year. (see videos below)

After the maneuvers below there is a freestyle round, and I have no clue how to do that, but I hope I will learn this year.

Double inside loop

Inverted hovering

Circle backwards

2-point roll

Inverted figure 8

TicToc (Metronome)

Loop backwards

360°-turn with roll

What’s up in 2009

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I have some thinks that I would like to do for the New Year; I hope I can get all of my plans to come true.

First of all I have to go to the 2009 Helibatic in Denmark, I won the 2008 Helibatic sport competition, and I have to try my skills at the helibatic 2009.

Here are the dates and locations of all the three helibatic 2009:
Helibatic 1 Brønderslev 18-19/4
Helibatic 2 Kalundborg 27-28/6
Helibatic 3 Sønderborg 22-23/8
I really hope I will be there for the events, hope to see you there.

And the international event I would like to go to:
3D Masters on the 24-25-26/7
Alpine Heli Smackdown Schweiz 10-11/10
I really hope to see some of you there.

Hope you all have a good 2009. Thanks for supporting in 2008.

Helibatic sport first place and a Pitchbrother

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I just got home from a great weekend, with the last round of the Danish Helibatic. It went very well I got first place, see :)

First price at Danish Helibatic sport 2008

I ended first place at the Danish Helibatic Sport 2008. It was the first time I entered a helicopter competition.

Finally yet importantly I am a real Pitchbrother now, I went for the grass cutting this weekend, and I got the sticker, check out this video of my flight.

Site note, please have a final look at the Google implementations of the pilot locator, I have been working on it for a while now, and the only thing missing now is the email function, and I am working on that. Check out the new implementation of the driving direction function on the map, it printer friendly to.

I will be back with lots more videos.

A member of the Pictherbrother society.