First Flight JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube

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I was finally at the field today, there was snow but I can handle that and I was cold, that I could not handle, I was only there for 45 min.

I was able to get my new engine OS 91HZ-R started and my JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube seems to be flying very well, I did do a short take off and there were no need for adjustment at all, very nice.

One of the reason why my stay only was 45 minutes. Was because my starter would not turn the engine! Yes my Dynatron starter had some problems starting the engine second time when I was cold, the Danish winter sucks. But there is a simple solution to that, run the starter on 24 volts, I just changed my setup and it works perfect, I am very happy with my Dynatron starter and the fact that it can run on 24 volts, a lot of power in that starter.

I will write a review when i have had some more flight time :)

Final review of the TZ-V2 Frenzy 90

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Now i finally got the review of the new Frenzy don, please have a look for an in-depth review of this great model.

As you properly can remember from some of my previous post, i have had some problems with my engine running warm, but you can solved that problem, just by changing all the fuel tubs on the Frenzy, specially the tubs in the thanks was very thin and seemed to be a big problem for my engine. But the model is flying great now.

My starter engine finally died on my and i have to get a new one, i have concidering getting the Align but word is that the Align super starter (ASS) is not perfect for a 90 size engine and that is why i am getting a Dynatron 120 starter


Okay first flight

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Made it to the flying field today, great. It was cold and windy but the Frenzy was airborne and got 3 flight don. After the first full tank i re-tighten the tail belt it was a little lose, perfectly normal after first flight with a new helicopter.
I did run into another problem with the heli, it was not related to the Frenzy but the engine.
When i was flying IDL2 and did some fast flying the engine started to get very hot and started to lean out, but it is properly because i had set my governor a little to high in IDL2.
I have been concidering for some time if i should get the Align Super Starter, as you can see but i have not been 100% sure that it was a good starter for a 91 engine in the cold winters here in Denmark.

I then decided to fix my old starter, the new Frenzy has a one-bearing in the starter shaft that was great new, because my old starter wand one-way was broke. I mounted a new starter wand and two lipos on the side resulting in great power for the starter engine.
In combination with my new glow plug starter i can walk to the flight line and start my engine and not in the pilot area with my starter box. See pictures with my new starter and my glow plug starter with a meter on.

Emil at the Smackdown

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Emil aka “Fire starter” was at the Pitchbrother smackdown, he was doing some very cool flying like he did at the Helibatic competition, i think we can expect alot from Emil this year.

Emil did have some problems this weekend at the Smackdown, at one of his flights where he crashed his helicopter. When the helicopter was lying on the ground smoke started to come from it, and the regulator started to burn, hence the name Fire starter :)

Emil as the fire starter
Emil as the fire starter

On top of this Emil has just received a sponsorship from Hyperion

And here you can see some of the cool flying from Emil, by the way the engine is not running lean, it is electric :)

This is Emil theme song, Firestarter by Prodigy

One week!

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One week before I am going to travel to the local competition Helibatic here in Denmark, and my helicopter is not flying!!! Last time I was out flying was a week ago, my clutch broke. When I tried to remove the hex starter from my Freya to get the engine and the clutch out, the screw in the hex starter was ripped and I was unable to get it off.

The dead screw

The only solution was to drill it out that combined with holidays here in DK where the stores are not open, and me missing some sharp drills resulted in a week of frustration and anger. I hate when stuff like this compromises my flight time and a week before my first competition this year.
Not a good start.

Picture of the broken clutch

Broken clutch