Munich Heli Masters 2008

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Munich is the place to be this weekend, If you like to see the best 3d helicopter flying in Europe. I am sorry to say that I am not at Munich this weekend, but I promise you that I will keep you and I updated.

40 pilots overall and they have already started the preflight; we have some Danish pilot in Munich as well.

If I should name some of the pilots, there is Dominik Hägele.

The Jensen brothers and Knud Pedersen from Denmark, some of the best pilot in Denmark.

Finally, Curtis Youngblood is in Munich. I cannot see him on the pilot list, but maybe he will get a Pitchbrother sticker this weekend :)

If I have to be honest, I have my expectations high for Dominik. I just wish that he won’t get a motor stop, like he has in some of the previous competitions.

Now for the updates, it seems like there are some dedicated webmaster down there, we already have the first videos from the preflight today.

This is Kim Jensen’s flight

There must be something wrong with this video I can’t her the Danes screaming in the back. CRACK IT !!!

Future more Kim Jensen is a guest blogger on this blog, I think we can expect a post about the Munich Heli Masters when he gets home from Munich.

If you would like to see the videos you can find them here, when their uploaded.

The best of luck to the Danish pilots, bring home a medal for us.

I hope all of you have a great time in Munich.

The Pitchbrother society

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First of all, let me just start out with confirming that I am NOT a member of the Pitchbrother society, I am way too happy with my helicopter.

The definition of a Pitchbrother: Well to put it frank, you have to rape your helicopter like there is no tomorrow, that’s true, fly that baby as low as you can, and make those blades green with grass. That’s a Pitchbrother, interested in being a member? Well if you can prove it with a picture or a video, then you can be a member and get a Pitchbrother sticker :) AND it has to be a nitro helicopter, THAT’S the rules.

If you’re interested post a comment here with a link to your Pitchbrother evidence.

And here is a video with one of the founders of the Pitchbrother society.